Issue with APIToken: parameter not specified (Virtual Devices)

I’m using this yml, following the steps, but I keep having that error when I try to run the virtual devices tests:

    - cache-pull@2.0.1: {}
    - install-missing-android-tools@2.3.5:
        - gradlew_path: "./gradlew"
    - android-lint@0.9.6:
        - variant: devRelease
    - android-unit-test@0.9.6:
        - gradle_file: "$GRADLE_BUILD_FILE_PATH"
        - gradle_task: assembleDebug
        - variant: devRelease
        - gradlew_path: "$GRADLEW_PATH"
    - gradle-runner@1.8.4:
        - gradle_task: assembleDevRelease assembleDevReleaseAndroidTest
    - cache-push@2.1.0: {}
    - virtual-device-testing-for-android@1.0.5:
        - test_type: instrumentation

Any ideas?

I declared the testBuildType “debug”/“release” and I’m able to run my androidTest on my machine, also able to assemble it on my local and at Bitrise.

Hello there, Could you please send us the url of a failing build, so we could check out the full logs to it and try to come up with a possible solution? :upside_down_face:

just found the reason, the problem is a setting, the virtual devices got disabled at some point, and the message wasn’t really pointing why I could not get the token anymore, thanks!

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Sounds great, I’m glad you found a solution!!

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