Faster iOS build times

I have been running workflows which are following the recommended steps in the blog post titled “60% faster builds: force Xcode to use caching!” but I haven’t seen any time reductions. Moreover I am trying to find ways to speedup building multiple targets and deploys to TestFairy where each target as a different configuration. Build time is currently between 33-37 minutes.

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Hi @ronan.o.ciosoig,

In general you can find quite a few tips to speed up iOS build times in this discussion: iOS Builds slow, any solution to speed it up?

If that wouldn’t help please copy paste the related build’s URL and we’ll look into it! But first I’d suggest you to also try to do the same Archive + Export operations on your own Mac and see how long it takes from Xcode to get all the signed IPAs, knowing it would help a lot! :wink:

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There was one very important detail I overlooked initially - the speed improvements apply to a project build but not to the archive process. So once I changed over to using a dummy test target for each build target, the build times reduced significantly.

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Correct, Xcode always performs a clean build if you do an archive, or at least it ignores most of the build intermediates during Archive.

That’s a great idea! If you have some time please share a bit more details as I’m sure this can help others as well :wink: