iOS simulator request for xcode11.3 stack

Hi there,

we’ve recently migrated our projects to iOS 13 and now using the osx-xcode-11.0 stack for our builds. Unfortunately, we realized that this stack doesn’t include the “iPad Pro 10.5-inch” simulator for iOS 13 and above, the latest OS on which it is available is 12.2 (

We are kinda tied to this specific device in our screenshot tests and it would require a lot of work on our side to set it up for a different configuration. Our understanding is that simulators are added manually (according to Xcode 11 beta5 is now available!), so we’d like to request the “iPad Pro 10.5-inch (13.3)” simulator for the osx-xcode-11.3 and future stacks. (We are okay with moving to 11.3 from 11.0.)

Please let us know if and when you can fulfill this request.


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Can you try adding a script step to your workflow to create the simulator?

If you are running Xcode 11.0 stack:

xcrun simctl create “iPad Pro (10.5-inch)”–10-5-inch-

If you are running Xzcode 11.3 stack:

xcrun simctl create “iPad Pro (10.5-inch)”–10-5-inch-

The "iPad Pro (10.5-inch)" can be virtually anything, but you need to use it in your xcode test steps to identify the correct simulator created with the command.

Any luck with this?

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