Ionic build sign error

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Description of the issue

The signing part of the ios build fails. here is the error:
“Code Signing Error: No certificate for team ‘R4LJ2494A9’ matching ‘UDXGHKL79B’ found: Select a different signing certificate for CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY, a team that matches your selected certificate, or switch to automatic provisioning.”
I have uploaded the provisioning profile and the certificate but the build keeps failing when it tries to find the signing certificate. I checked the build log and the step to install the certificate works. What am I doing wrong?
I followed the instructions here: Generating release outputs for Ionic
Feel free to change the configuration to make a successful build.

Environment: Ionic build ios app signing

ios app signing


Rebuild gives the same error.

Local reproduction


Local reproduction: Linux / Android (docker based) stack builds


Build log

Did you try the local reproduction steps listed at How to debug your build locally / "It works on my Mac/PC but not on" ?

Additionally make sure to run our codesigndoc tool on your Mac and upload all the signing files it collects:

The link is broken.

Thanks for pointing that out @parliament718! It’s fixed now :wink: