Invalid "You are already signed in." error

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sign out from
  2. Sign in with GitHub

Error from title appears on top of the page but it shouldn’t because I was signed in only once at given time.

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Thanks for reporting @koral!

This issue comes from the device - SSO integration and we’re yet to find what causes it. It does not cause any issues, should be harmless to ignore it. It’s been on our backlog for quite some time, but so far we couldn’t figure it out what causes the seemingly double sign in in that case, and because it doesn’t cause any issues its priority is rather low for now.

We’ll of course try to fix it, as soon as we have some time to investigate it a bit more.

Yeah, it does not cause any issues, it is only a UX problem.

Just curious, how user can sign in “twice” so that this error is real? When she opens sign in page on 2 (or more) tabs and proceed in both of them? If the last sign in wins maybe this error is not needed at all?

No, it happens on the backend. The SSO integration plugin seems to sign in the user as part of the SSO process, but then devise also tries to sign it in, but discovers the user is already signed in - in which case it does not sign it in again, just presents a warning.

This only happens for SSO login, standard logins only go through devise and not through the SSO login devise “addon/plugin”.

OK, thanks for the detailed explanation.

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