Integration With Zang Cloud REST API (Twilio but better and cheaper)

Zang Cloud is a communications platform as a service. With our REST API you can send and receive SMS, MMS and voice calls. Our REST API is very power! Think Twilio but on a larger scale for enterprise use. Zang is part of Avaya so we have the infrastructure and brand name to back up our communications platform. Zang Cloud is based on a pay per use consumption model, it’s free to sign up and you get some credit to get you started! Visit for more information.

Awesome idea, thanks for the #feature-request @Phillipk!

Just a note, you can implement this yourself, as a Step, if you have the time. Related docs:
We now also have a basic CLI plugin which can help you with generating the Step: Step create plugin - quickly generate a new step
If you’d have any questions we’re always happy to help a fellow Step developer :wink: