Instant Run option in workflow editor


I think an Instant Run button would be useful if in the workflow editor, on the selected workflow tab.

It can be placed on the left of Manage env. vars button. It would run the currently selected workflow without asking anything, skipping the following dialog:

Thank you! :grimacing:

Great idea, thank you @tamaspapik!

Just one note: IMO the “start a build” popup should still be presented, but pre-filled with the workflow so that you don’t have to select it in the Workflow dropdown.

That way, if you don’t want to change anything else, you just have to click “Start Build”, but you still can specify the branch or other build params if you want to.

Absolutely! :ok_hand:

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This is now partially available, as the New Workflow Editor can be opened on top of the Build’s page directly (like a full page popup), so you can just open it, do the change you want to, then close it and hit rebuild on the build’s page, without navigating to any other page!

Not sure if we should still have a separate option, I think this covers the use case enough. What do you think (@tamaspapik & others)?

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