Improve IP reporting on build executors

Description of the feature request

I want to know what IP addresses the builders are using. Google Cloud IPs are effectively random. Is it feasible for bitrise to develop a client software that runs behind the firewall and gets pinged with the IP address of builds as they start/stop? Then the firewall can automatically whitelist the address and remove it at the end of the build.

We publish a weekly XML file listing IP ranges for Azure datacenters, broken out by region. This file is published every Wednesday (US Pacific time) with new planned IP ranges. The new IP ranges become effective the following Monday. Hosted agents run in the same region as your Azure DevOps organization. You can check your region by navigating to

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Use case is working with code that’s behind the firewall.

Hey @bootstraponline, thanks for the #feature-request!

It makes sense, we’ll discuss this and keep an eye out for the votes. :wink: