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Currently i have a server setup to run automation tests, my bitrise workflow builds the app and uploads the completed iOS app file, i then want to curl a request to my test server to start testing BUT the test server has restricted access to a limited set of ip addresses.
Is it possible for you to tell me what the ip addresses of the build servers are at bitrise so that i can white list them?


Hi @areed,

Please see:

IP Whitelist section:

You can find alternative solutions there too.

If you have any questions, just let us know!

its not an internal GitHub repository.

It’s true for any private server, not just for git repositories.

VPN should work the same way.

Or, alternatively, you could use a “secret” token for auth with your server (which is similar to an SSH key in case of a git server).

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A secret token means that i would have to open up that server to allow incoming connections from any ip address.
I cannot do this as its not allowed in the company.
Is there not anyway around this? the company won’t allow me to not whitelist ip addresses.

Maybe a “poll” based solution could work, if neither “secret” nor VPN is an option.

Something like: from your bitrise build push a “signal” to a store which is accessible from both bitrise and from your own internal infra (e.g. to Amazon S3, into a restricted bucket), and then inside your infra you check for this “signal” (e.g. file change on Amazon S3) periodically.

Another similar idea could be a “proxy” server, which is accessible from bitrise and can communicate with your internal infra (and can have fix IP if you want to). In that case you would curl the proxy from your bitrise.io build, and the proxy - after auth (e.g. secret based) - could curl the internal infra/server.

So in your last post:

Point number 2, you mentioned you don’t recommend it but there is a list of Mac ip addresses, granted its not the most elegant solution, but we only build on mac’s and would it be possible to get these ip addresses? you can email me them, or pm me.

Just sent it. But to highlight this again:

Please note that this IP can change in the future, we don’t guarantee that it will remain the same, or that we won’t switch to a non fix IP! If possible, please try to find another solution instead of using a fix IP.

It’s also not secure: this IP can be utilized by anyone who runs builds on bitrise.io! It’s the same IP for every bitrise.io build on the Mac infra, not just your builds!

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