Additional IP subnets coming to Bitrise

Starting April 15, Bitrise will be expanding our platform and adding new IP address ranges that the build environments will use to provide a better and faster service for all Bitrise users.

What this means for you

If you have configured source IP filters/policies in your Bitrise workflows (e.g. to provide access your self-hosted Git repository, Artifactory, etc.), you will have to add the following new IP subnets to these allowlist policies . You can find these new IP ranges on Bitrise DevCenter.

Please note that this update may affect your builds if no action is taken, so please be sure to update the IP ranges by April 15.

If you are not using the source IP of the build environments for any filtering then no action is required on your part.

Does this apply for iOS and Android/Linux stacks?


The new IP addresses were added for Xcode and VS4Mac stacks.

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