Implement Configuration Profile in iOS so people can access builds without authentication


Whenever I distribute build artifacts, I noticed that we have to keep logging in every time (unless we save password). I think it would be very helpful if we can install a configuration profile for Bitrise, so we can eliminate repetitive steps. What do you think?

For real world example, Fabric/Crashlytics Beta also implements this.

You mean in an incognito tab? Normal tabs should keep you signed in on the iOS device for a while.

Also, if you use the Public Install Page, that does not require a login, you can access that from any device and you don’t even need a account for that (if you have the long random public page install url).

The problem with public install page is that it’s public.

If we’re using configuration profile, opening Bitrise build archives will not require authentication for that specific device. An example for my case, test devices are sometimes rotated between members (e.g. new QA hires). When the session expires, then they have to ask what the previous password was, or get an invite to the app.

With configuration profile, as long as the device has installed Bitrise’s profile, then it would not require authentication for opening the build archive page. Well, this is just for convenience anyways. :slight_smile:

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Correct, but these pages have really long random URLs, and are not indexed or shared anywhere, other than where you share it. But of course I see your point, just wanted to mention :wink:

I think you can register the same test device for multiple Bitrise users, although I’m not 100% sure. Again, just a note / idea :wink:

I definitely agree, and I’d love this, just wanted to mention a couple of workarounds / ideas until this is implemented, and gather as much info as possible, so that when we start to work on this it’ll be clear what we have to do / what use cases we’ll have to prepare for and test.

Thanks for the #feature-request @dvdchr-tvlk :wink: