API Endpoint: create a Personal Access Token / API Token via username + password auth

Description of the feature request

A new endpoint : /login with parameter or a body to give the credentials of a user, in order to get a new token.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I am creating an android application to manage builds and artifact. I want to share the app to use it like Crashlytics Bêta in order to install apk faster. No more dependencies to fabric this way :slight_smile:
Right now, users needs to go to bitrise information page, and create a token in https://www.bitrise.io/me/profile#/security

With a new endpoint, it could be great to log in and get a token given the credentials and access all apps in the api.

Thanks for the good work :wink:

Great idea @z17jdavi, thanks for the #feature-request! :slight_smile:

The only question is how we could handle users who sign in via SSO e.g. with GitHub login? Not sure if this can be solved with an API endpoint, might require an actual login page / webview…

Second this! I’m making a Bitrise Android client and some kind of auth endpoint would be very much appreciated.

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Got it, thanks @milosz - please don’t forget to vote on this #feature-request! :wink:

Hi @viktorbenei! Funny thing… We’ve been working on the iOS client as well, but our submission to iTunes was declined. The reason is that Apple doesn’t like authorization via token only. Will this be included in 0.1 API? Thanks!

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We have an iOS client that won’t get AppStore approval from Apple without this feature. So we are in great need for this.

@milosz ohh, I wasn’t aware of that… Did you get an explanation?

@eugene.peschard did you get an explanation about why they don’t accept it?

I’m just curious, it might help to bump this #feature-request.

To answer the question

We definitely plan to but we don’t have an ETA yet - the priority depends on this #feature-request (vote count) as well as on our own internal use cases & needs (meaning whether we’d use it in our own products) as usual :slight_smile: