I have some problems with Push and Pull Request triggers

I think it’s my fault and because this I decide to get help here.
I have some workflows with Push and Pull Request triggers:

- push_branch: release/*
  workflow: native-build
- push_branch: master
  workflow: versioning
- push_branch: "*"
  workflow: test
- pull_request_source_branch: hotfix/*
  pull_request_target_branch: master
  workflow: hotfix
- pull_request_source_branch: release/*
  pull_request_target_branch: master
  workflow: native-build

My case: I start a release branch, merge some PRs in this branch and in sprint end I create a release pull request. My attempt is: always I have a push to release branch or pull request from release branch to master, calls native-build workflow.
But with this setup I have some loops in workflow calls when the Pull Request is merged on master from release branch. I don’t understand the reason for this and need some guidance from you guys here. I know that when I merge, it’s triggers a push too, but I don’t have any trigger for push on master.

For what I can discover, PR trigger does not respect [skip ci] in commit message or description.
This is right?!

Hi @luciano.lima!

This is completely correct, please see: https://devcenter.bitrise.io/builds/triggering-builds/skipping-a-given-commit-or-pull-request/#skipping-a-pull-request

In short, if you want to skip a pull request, you have to include the skip ci pattern in the pull request’s title or description, and not in the commit’s message.

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