I got error when workflow trying to downloads certificates

When my workflow try to download certificates with automatically manage certificates, it gets error says:

Code signing asset management with xcodebuild

Reason: Automatically managed signing is enabled in Xcode for the project.

[10:56:33] Downloading certificates…

Exporting outputs…

failed to manage code signing: failed to download certificates: failed to parse certificate (https://concrete-userfiles-production.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/project_file_storage_documents/uploads/125862/original/bitriseauthkey.p8?X-Amz…, err: pkcs12: error reading P12 data: asn1: structure error: tags don’t match (16 vs {class:0 tag:13 length:45 isCompound:true}) {optional:false explicit:false application:false private:false defaultValue: tag: stringType:0 timeType:0 set:false omitEmpty:false} pfxPdu @2

This would most likely require support access to look into the issue further.

Can you open a support ticket and share a build url with support access enabled so we can check the build in more detail?