Hub is not preinstalled or not found

According to the latest System Report, hub is supposed to be preinstalled in the Bitrise stacks.
However, in the script step, I can’t find the hub command and it gives me an error hub: command not found

- script@1:
    - content: |-

        set -ex

        # these are OK
        which brew
        which carthage
        which swiftlint

        # hub: command not found
        which hub
        hub -h 

I thought the commands listed in the system reports is always accessible, but isn’t that always true? Or, the system reports might be incorrect?
Of course, it is possible to install manually by brew install hub, but I’d rather avoid that if it’s actually preinstalled.

@yazaki This is a bug on our side. I have reported this to our engineering team and they confirmed they are planning to fix this.

The change will go out with the next batch of images. ETA is 2-3 weeks from now.

Thank you for your team’s quick investigation. I’ll be waiting for it :+1: