Brew install cannot update swiftlint

Hi, we are using brew-install step to install swiftlint during a workflow. We can’t figure out how to update the swiftlint package, we are stuck at version 0.43.1. The flag “Upgrade formula” is set to YES. It is correct?

We tried to remove cache pull/push steps, change build stack (upgrade Xcode stack) but nothing changed.

Are there any other ways to force the update?

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I tried installing swiftlint with a custom bash script.

The result is the same using the brew-install step. The package is not udpated.

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I am sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with updating the swiftlint package on your custom script. Transparently custom script steps are always a little hard to troubleshoot and limits the amount of help available because of their custom nature however, analyzing the issue it seems like the main challenge is that the brew install command seems to get us an old version of the swiftlint package. I found an additional command you can run after your install script that may help update the package, try using $ brew upgrade swiftlint command as a follow up step to your brew install command.

Should additional help be required we may need you to share the content of your script to analyze more in depth, you could always receive additional support by submitting a ticket here

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brew upgrade swiftlint is skipped, because the latest available version inside the virtual machine is 0.43.1. I think the brew repository is not up to date or the osx image used needs to be updated. The problem is similar to How to upgrade Carthage to version 0.38.0

The Swiftlint formula on Bitrise’s virtual machine is not updated and should be synchronized with the official homebrew core.

Bitrise formula pointing to Swiftlint 0.43.1

Official brew formula pointing to Swiftlint 0.45.1


Thank you so much for this, I did some research and it turns out that our mirror repository follows the official Homebrew repo with an intended delay, so being that the latest 0.45.1 update is recent, we hope to bring this to our mirror repository soon in the coming updates. However, should you require this version now, there is a way to switch to the official Formula repo using a custom script that can be added as a step found in this article How to change brew core from mirror to official?. We hope that this helps in being able to access the latest version of swiftlint desired.

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