How to use the File Downloader Step

I’m trying to add a step to add a plist file to the root of the build folder. From what I’ve read the File Downloader should be the easiest way to do this. I’ve uploaded my files to the Generic File Storage and referenced them via their Env Var’s.

I’ve tried a couple different locations for the Destination Path and I’ll get the “Is a Directory” then get an exit code of 1 without any information on what the possible problem was. It seems like nobody else is having any issues with this. I was wondering if anyone would be able to explain to me what I’m doing wrong? I’d just love to see the file dropped into the project directory.

The destination should be a target file path, not one of its parent.

Oh so would it be something like ./myFileName.plist as the path if I just want in in the root? Does it rename the file? The docs make me think I just need a directory

In the Download destination path input, specify the path where you want to download the file. It should be a path relative to the root of the repository.

An example would be super helpful for my understanding :slight_smile:

source input is just an URL, it may be even something like https://some.service/generate-wallet?id=123 where there is no concept of a filename.

destination input is a path to the target file (not to its directory) eg. /tmp/wallet.plist it may also contain an env variable like $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR/data/wallet.plist.

You can use a relative path like ./myFileName.plist but it won’t point to the root by default (if we are talking about the filesystem root - /). By default the current directory is set to $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR which is eg. equal to /bitrise/src on Linux stacks.

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