File-downloader failed to download keystore, cannot find source url

i uploaded keystore.jks to code signing tab. i filled up passwords and alias. pressed save metadata.

first step in the workflow is file downloader. its version is 0.9.1.

whenever i starting a build, file downloader fails : “Missing required input: source” (destination param is correct)

i attached part of the bitrise.yml:

  • file-downloader@0.9.1:
    - destination: “$HOME/Android/Android/app/gradlekeystore.jks”
    • script@1.1.5:

Hey @baytsif!

We are already deploying the fix of this issue. Thank you for reporting!
Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed within couple of hours.


Fix is deployed, should work again now. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting @baytsif!

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thank you very much!

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Any time @baytsif, and once again sorry for the inconvenience.