How to speed-up IOS and Simulator build in one workflow?


Atm we are having 2 similar steps in our workflow:

  1. XCode Archieve and Export for IOS (produces IPA to be deployed to user’s devices) and
  2. XCode Build for Simulator (produces .app to be tested on simulators)

Is there any way to spead up both steps by re-using each other’s caches? What are the recommendations for configuration? Thank you

Only certain distribution types can reuse the same byte code.

When you export for App Store the code is optimized by xcodebuild.

This is why the Derived Data from the Testing/App Store version cannot be reused.

You might be able to disable optimization but I have never tested this and it would likely result in a slower and larger app being sent to the app store.

See: debugging - Xcode 6: How to Disable Optimisation (Swift) - Stack Overflow’%20is%20selected.