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I’d like to speed up my build time, it was around 15 minutes, but now that I added Tests, it is around 25 minutes. By inspecting the log, I see the app is compiled 3 times.

2 for the test (I let the option to compile with “build” and “test” to avoid issue with the simulator), and 1 for the archive.

I was wondering if it was possible to avoid recompilation for the archive step. I already saw the answer to iOS Swift: How to avoid compiling twice (for UT and for archive), but in my case the archive steps is done with the Debug configuration, as we want to get ipa files in Debug for branch testing.

I could obviously disable the 2 times compilation for the tests, but I don’t want to have build to fail because of the simulator not starting in time.

Is there a way to do it ?



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Hi there @saasaccounts :wave:

Could you please share your build URL link with us and enable Support Access ( so we could take a closer look and see what could be optimized to reduce your build time? :slight_smile: