How do I print or export the full log file of raw-xcodebuild-output.log?

Hi, I got a failure message with:

“If you can’t find the reason of the error in the log, please check the raw-xcodebuild-output.log
The log file is stored in $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR, and its full path
is available in the $BITRISE_XCODE_RAW_RESULT_TEXT_PATH environment variable”

I wonder how do I print or export the full log file of raw-xcodebuild-output.log?

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It’s really simple: just add a Deploy to step to the end of the Workflow.

More info: the Deploy to step can be used for attaching files / artifacts to the build (during the build). The default configuration of the step can pick up the raw-xcodebuild-output.log, as that’s stored into the $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR directory by the Xcode steps, which is the default directory input of the Deploy to step.

You can also use this step for attaching files from other locations - you can find more information about that in this guide:


Hi Team,

I have configured deploy to bitrise step for fastlane screenshots.html. See few issues:

  1. I didn’t receive any mail with screenshots link
  2. Though the screenshots.html file is available in artifacts of bitrise, when I try to view the images, only labels are being displayed but not the exact images.
  3. Also, is there a way where I can slack this .html file, so that users can access the screenshots directly.

Could you please assist?

Hi @sowjanya-gurajada-Mi!

Sorry to hear about these issues, the Deploy to step helps you extract files from the build machines, it can only create a Public Install page for IPA or APK filetypes. These links are also expiring due to safety so wiring the screenshots directly into Slack might not be entirely possible. Although the screenshots not showing up properly sounds like it might be an issue, in any event, can you please contact us either directly on our on-site support chat with this or in a separate #issues thread?