How can I copy apk from Docker via bitrise.yml?

I’m working on Mac/Docker/Bitrise-CLI stack. However, even though I succeed to build and generate APKs, there is no simple way to copy APK files to host machine. The only way I found is building APK on container’s bash and copy to host via ‘docker cp’ command during the container is up.
Is there any simple Step for this problem?

Hi @aigori,

When you run Docker on your Mac you specify which folders it should share (which volumes to mount).

If you followed then the command you used was:

docker run --privileged --env CI=false --volume "$(pwd):/bitrise/src" --volume "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock" --rm bitriseio/docker-android:latest bitrise run WORKFLOW

This means there are two volumes (directories or files) shared between the host (your Mac) and the guest (the docker container):

  1. /var/run/docker.sock which is simply just required to be able to run docker from within docker
  2. $(pwd):/bitrise/src -> this shared the directory you run the docker run command in with the docker container, to the path /bitrise/src inside the container

In short if you’re inside the container move your files under /bitrise/src and those will be available on your Mac too. If you want to share a file into the container you can move that file into the directory where you run the docker run command (or into any of its sub-directories).

Of course you can also add additional --volume parameters, this is just docker, nothing bitrise specific - docker docs:

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Note: if you use our standard docker images then that defines the BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR to be at the path /bitrise/deploy (

This means that if you use our steps which do move the deployable artifacts into that directory, then you can just add e.g. --volume "$HOME/bitrise/deploy:/bitrise/deploy" flag to the docker run command and this will mount the bitrise/deploy directory from your Mac’s Home directory into the /bitrise/deploy path inside the container. So, when a file is generated there it’ll be available on your Mac at HOME / bitrise/deploy.

Of course you can create any directory, e.g. if you’d prefer to have this inside your Documents directory, and bitrise-deploys inside that, then you can use --volume "$HOME/Documents/bitrise-deploys:/bitrise/deploy" and so when bitrise cli stores an artifact into $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR it’ll be available in your Documents directory, inside the bitrise-deploys sub directory.

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