Can I run a separate docker container on a MacOS host during a workflow?

I’m running some e2e tests during a workflow and I was wondering whether it would be possible to also run the backend which is in a docker container on Bitrise also? I tried to install Docker via a Script step but it always hangs on opening the Docker app. I assume this is not supported then? Are there any workarounds for this? e.g. spawning new hosts which runs this backend?

This is the script that I’ve tried to run:

brew install cask
brew install --cask docker
open -a /Applications/

I tried to log in via VNC to see what’s happening on the GUI but that’s currently broken :frowning:


I think the following two links might help:

Hey @cathy.harmon

this is exactly what I would need: Using your own Docker image | Bitrise DevCenter
however I would need this to work on MacOS not on Linux. And the MacOS hosts doesn’t seem to have docker installed at all.

Hello there @adam.ivancza :wave:

Currently we do not have the option to use your own docker with MacOS, we could not guarantee it working. You can, however, submit a feature request for this for the Product Team to look into: Feature Requests - Bitrise Discussions :slight_smile:

thx for the clarification @Roland-Bak !

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