How can I attach an image in the "Send a Slack message" step?


I want to send an image generated as a build artifact to Slack.
I already have the artifact expiring_download_url.

export ARTIFACT_URL=`curl -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: ${BITRISE_ACCESS_TOKEN}" -X GET${BITRISE_APP_SLUG}/builds/${BITRISE_BUILD_SLUG}/artifacts/${ARTIFACT_SLUG} | jq ".data.expiring_download_url"`

I set ARTIFACT_URL to “Image URL if build failed” and “Thumbnail if the build failed” in the “Send a Slack message” step, but the image did not appear in the Slack message.
When I set ARTIFACT_URL in the text, the image was displayed for a certain period of time.
What steps can I take to send the image itself to Slack?

Thank you.

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