Send a Slack message v2.7.0 and v2.7.1

We released versions (2.7.0 and 2.7.1) of Send a Slack message step.


  • More customizable and better default Slack messages
  • New inputs:
    • author_name: A small text used to display the author’s name
    • buttons: A list of buttons attached to the message as link buttons
    • channel_on_error: Target Slack channel, group or username if the build failed
    • fields: A list of fields to be displayed in a table inside the attachment
    • footer: Adds some brief text as footer
    • footer_icon: Renders a small icon beside the footer text
    • pretext: An optional text that appears above the attachment block
    • pretext_on_error: Pretext if the build failed
    • text: Text of the message to send (Different from the attachment’s message)
    • text_on_error: Text if the build failed
    • thumb_url: A URL to an image file that will be displayed as a thumbnail
    • thumb_url_on_error: Thumb URL if the build failed
    • timestamp: Show the current time as part of the attachment’s footer?
    • title: The title of the attachment
    • title_on_error: The title of the attachment if the build failed
    • title_link: A URL that will hyperlink the title
  • Rename on_error category to If Build Failed

Can you please provide an example of the full configuration of these options to display the messages demonstrated in this format:

That would be very useful if it was visible in this example file:

For further reference, I finally got the slack integration nicely integrated into my project with: