Git Clone Repository step is selecting the wrong branch

My Git Clone Repository step is mapped to be triggered every time something is merged by pull request to development branch, after the merge request is accepted the merged branch is automatically deleted and this step seems to try to get the code from the deleted branch.
I didn’t find anyway to select which branch it should always pull from.

Branch 'development' set up to track remote branch 'development' from 'origin'.
git "merge" "origin/development"
Already up to date.
commit hash: bcd8772c48a86b8fb7ffa552b42dccc2a06e0e81
git "fetch" "origin" "feature/S18-CWC-1327-ConfigureCICD"
fatal: couldn't find remote ref feature/S18-CWC-1327-ConfigureCICD
ERROR: manual merge, error: fetch failed, error: exit status 128

How I can do this?

Hy, on a PR the branch that gets downloaded is not the deleted, but the target branch as far as I know🤔
Could you send a screenshot or something on this case, how the trigger is set up and what happens build wise?