Could not find remote ref #git fetch origin

Hi, I have an issue about a build for my test. During the git clone step, the git command line
git: git "fetch" "origin" "pull/id/merge:pull/id » failed, it doesn’t find my pullRequest. I don’t know if it is an error knew with bitrise or it’s an other problem…
I run the command in local and same problem. :confounded:
Can someone help me ?

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Hi @appaloosa.project,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

I’d say most likely this is because the related pull request is not open anymore (closed/merged). The pull request “pre-merge branch” is only available on GitHub for as long as the PR is open.

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Hi Viktor, Thanks for your answer ! :slight_smile:
I found out the issue, my PR wasn’t closed or merged, but it’s contained some conflicts. This is why the command line git couldn’t find my branch. I resolve the conflict and it is working.
Have a nice day.

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Ahh, indeed I forgot this case and of course you’re right, when there’s a conflict GitHub won’t provide a “pre-merge” branch either, as it can’t really provide one.

Good catch @appaloosa.project and thanks for reporting! :wink: