Rebase support on Git Clone Repository

Description of the feature request

Add a config to choose between rebase or merge on Git Clone Repository step

Use case / for what or how I would use it

The clone step do a between the pull request branch and the destination branch, if the first isn’t up to date this merge generates a new commit with all stuff merged.

No problem this is expected, but we’re running a test coverage diff on the CI when we run the script after this clone, we run everything on this new commit hash instead of the last commit hash from the pull request branch, then the diff file point also to this hash and we don’t have it on our branch, so we miss the diff.

If we have a possibility to select between do a merge or rebase with the source branch, this problem will not happen anymore, the last commit continues the last from the pull request branch

Hey there @adriano-choco, thanks for the suggestion :wink: