Get build artifact from Pipeline1 to Pipeline2


Let’s say I have a Pipeline1 that’ll build + sign my android bundle or ios archive (and deploy to I wish to create Pipeline2 that will retrieve the wanted artifact and deploy them to the stores. I can’t see a way of retrieving the build artifact anywhere in my Pipeline2 since it is not in the same context as Pipeline1.

I can’t put the deploy steps inside pipeline1 because I don’t want to deploy right after the building but whenever I want.

Can you help me on this problem ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @bcivel,

You should be able to use key-based caching to achieve this. You can create a key in Pipeline1 and store the file(s) and use the same key to get the files for Pipeline2

An even better solution is to use our Release Management product for this. Upload the artifacts to Release Management and deploy manually or automatically once you are ready

Hello @birmacher
Thanks a lot ! Indeed the release management thingy is the perfect thing for me :).

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