Flutter build ipa support in Flutter Build step

Description of the feature request

Flutter 2.0 has added the argument ipa to the flutter buildcommand, it would be great to use it in the official Flutter Build step, this would cut iOS build and deployment times in half.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Directly build an ipa from Flutter without rebuilding it with xcodebuild

It would be really great to have this under the Flutter Build step. Currently, we have to first run Flutter Build before building a new archive and it slows down the workflow.

Thank you for your suggestion! I will make sure this gets added to the feature requests list for review.

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Any news on this?

Hey @dev_mush :wave:

No update yet, feature request can take quite some time to be implemented, since there are multiple factors that need to be considered such as impact, cost, time needed to implement, and where they can be placed on the roadmap to make the most sense.

There is no definite ETA for this, but as soon as anything changes, you’ll know! :slight_smile:

Support for either flutter build ipa or flutter build ios --config-only would be great.

My workaround is to set the Flutter Build step to only build Android and to add a script step to run flutter build ios --config-only before the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step which is noticeably faster on a simple test project but about the same on my production app. Even though it’s about the same, I think it’s good to have more information about how long each part of the build takes to complete.

Thank you for the workaround, @enrico.socket!

I have forwarded it to the developers as a comparison to how they could implement Flutter ipa support in the future :slight_smile: