Can I build flutter app?

I’m creating flutter app for Android and iOS.
Can I build flutter app using bitrise?
My hope is that bitrise builds my flutter app and publish .apk and .ipa to any services (google play services, iTunes connect or like Deploygate…)

I’ll be sorry if there’s anything to bother you.
Thank you.

Hi @suino,

Sure, you can build flutter apps on

We don’t have steps for it yet though, so you’ll have to use Script steps most likely. It’s scheduled for the tooling team to have a look at flutter and create the related step(s), in the meantime we’re more than happy to answer if you’d have any questions! :slight_smile:

Note: the related flutter docs seem to be:

Hi @viktorbenei,

Thank you for your reply!
I understand.
I will challenge to write Script steps manually.
And I’m looking forward to the steps created by team!

Thank you.

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Community-created step for Flutter is now available in the StepLib.


Great work - thanks bitrise team.

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Thanks to @koral actually, he’s the one who created that step :wink:

Thanks for the heads up! Do you have a link to the page with the steps, @koral?

Step is available in StepLib it is called flutter.

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