Flutter images

Description of the feature request

Can we please, please get flutter images for the dev and beta channels?

Use case / for what or how I would use it

This would of course be to build flutter-based applications (both Android and iOS). Yes, I’m aware I can manually install flutter in a step, and that’s what I currently do. But this adds minutes to build times. Every. Single. Build. Not only is this a significant time sink for the organization I work for, it makes the “hobby” tier basically unusable for flutter developers. I’m struggling to get even the simplest Android-only flutter app in under 10 mins due in large part to the time it takes just to get flutter installed (it’s a bit hit-and-miss depending on network speeds at the time). And in my experience, iOS builds are even slower than Android so I feel like I’d have no chance there.

Note that I’m not asking for images that track the master channel, since it’s highly volatile. And I’d be more than happy for the images to update at most once a week.

Can this please happen? :pray:

Hi @kentcb!

Thanks for the feature request! Don’t forget to vote for it! :wink: