Flutter Build AppBundle and deploy to Google Play


I’ve followed the Flutter guide here: https://devcenter.bitrise.io/getting-started/getting-started-with-flutter-apps/#deploying-a-flutter-app-to-google-play

Which is great and all but only described the Bitrise UI changes. Specifically what would be the equivalent bitrise.yaml changes? Specifically, how in bitrise.yaml do I do this step:

In the Android output artifact type input field, select either APK or appbundle depending on your deployment requirements.


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Hi @mhughes!

The Workflow Editor with the UI and the .yaml config file are interlinked. A change made in one place will be reflected in the other one. So if you’re unsure what how a setting would look like in the YML, you can do it on the UI and observe how it changed the yml file.