Android signing fail because keystore not found in the specified path

I want to sign my apk in the Gradle Runner step in order to publish it to Crashlytics. I uploaded my .jks file to the Code Signing section in the Workflow editor.

My signingConfig is:

signingConfigs {
keyPassword ‘[HARDCODED_STRING]’
storeFile file(System.getenv(“HOME”) + “/keystores/mysigningfile.jks”)
storePassword ‘[HARDCODED_STRING]’

But the build fails with this message:

What i’m doing wrong?
How can i refer inside my build.gradle to the .jks file i uploaded in the Code Signing section?!

Hey @yallam08!

Did you download your keystore to the same location?

Regarding to the docs above, you will need a file downloader step with - source: $BITRISEIO_ANDROID_KEYSTORE_URL and the - destination: "$HOME/keystores/mysigningfile.jks"

Please try that if not already.


Thank you so much, this solved my problem. The docs are not so clear though, not mentioned that this step must be done first.

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Thanks for the info! Happy Building! :rocket::slight_smile:


I’ll be closing this thread, but feel free to ping us / create a new #issues:build-issues report any time if you have an issue or if you have any questions! :wink:
Happy Building! :blush: