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Hey everyone!
I’ve been using BitRise for a while now (either personally or at work), and was always wondering why the UI doesn’t offer GitHub branch name suggestions. No shade thrown at BitRise (love the service, just a thought), I know there is a feature request here. In the mean time, I decided to write my own Chrome Extension to do just this. It’s called Brancher, and the repository is here.

Chrome extensions have a bit of a bad rap, so I’m not publishing this to the Web Store just yet, I’d like people to see the full source code during installation so that all functionality is visible. As a result, you’ll have to install it via the unpacked method (documented in repo). Here’s a screenshot of the extension working:

Things to look out for

Some things to consider/stuff I’m working on, alongside the to-do list in the ReadMe:

  • Organizational repositories should work, you’ll have to give the personal access token the org scope for it to see the branches.
  • If your project has a lot of branches, some may not show up. I don’t know if GitHub changed the API spec (paginated results or not), but I will take a look at this.
  • The BitRise front-end is written in Angular, and I had trouble hooking into the appropriate page load event. There’s a really hacky solution in there (I’m sorry), so if it doesn’t load for you (check DevTools for Brancher) just refresh the page.

Overall, I found this to be rather useful in my own work, hopefully someone else will too. If you have any questions/requests/concerns/feature requests - feel free to open up issues or reply here. Cheers!


Branch name suggestion feature

Hi @ivanempire

Please do not delete this, we love it :slightly_smiling_face:

We really appreciate the effort, just sent this thread to the management to see if we can mention this in a future blog post!

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Thanks for that! :slight_smile: Oh woop - that’d be awesome. Will be polishing this off :slight_smile: