Branch name suggestion feature does not show available branches names

When a new project is configured, or when a new build is triggered, the name of the branch must be written by hand.
Many times one does not remember exactly what the name of the branch is and ends up entering an incorrect name.

Please add this feature

I never thought of this. This would be pretty sweet. Save a lot of cycles of the build starting… and then not starting because it can’t find the branch.

Great idea!
I just wonder, why do you trigger a branch like that manually? :thinking:
Is there a reason why you don’t build these branches automatically?


Working for a mobile dev agency, we switched to Bitrise a couple of months ago and it would be really useful for us too!

@viktorbenei our QA department manually triggers a lot of builds manually on different environment (mainly dev or staging) in order to test feature/fix branches to validate them before they are merged to the develop branch.

Having to copy/paste the branch name is a huge source of time loss and having a dropdown menu would save us a lot of time… I’m not sure how we could build automatically since we need to select different workflows depending on the context in order to test on the right environment.


You guys raised $20M, think you can deliver this 2-hours fix? Please?

Hi @lto_tapptic!

This is indeed a great feature idea and I hope it sees the light of day soon enough, but unfortunately resources are still limited and we have to make decisions about what to work on next. Thanks for the bump though! :slight_smile:

I’d really like to see this feature. Sometimes there are cases where we want to be able to trigger builds manually, and the current mechanism for that isn’t good enough.

The feedback cycle between triggering the build and finding out the checkout failed because you made a typo in the branch name or didn’t copy across the right portion of the branch name is about 30s which is way too long. A simple drop down with a text filter to find existing git branches would be a great solution to this

This would be an extremely helpful feature to have and would have saved us more than one failed build / wasted time on our side.

Any ETA on this? Such a simple fix to help with QA testing specific branches that aren’t automatically built.

tags! Don’t forget to add the lookup for tags as well…

For anyone looking for this functionality in the mean time, a bit of a shameless self plug: BitRise branch autocompletion Chrome Extension

Hi, Bitrise team.

Now buddybuild is closing, and our team started a free trial here on bitrise to switch.
But we are getting dissapointed.

In our team, CI is used mainly by QA team on our side to trigger builds, where they can easily choose a branch (with auto-complete suggestion), and configurations (several at a time). For example, branch feature_xxx, configurations: Staging, Sandbox1, Sandbox2 (using buddybuild).

Using Bitrise, we cannot select a branch normally, and cannot select a configuration.

Do we need to create a new workflow for each configuration to achieve the result?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

Any updates on this feature? We’ve been waiting for it patiently for 6 years now … it would still be as useful as ever.