Failed to run yarn command, error: write /dev/stdout: resource temporarily unavailable

I noted Gradle task failed, error: write /dev/stdout: resource temporarily unavailable but it’s closed and under build issues.

Temporarily I’ve switched the yarn command back to a script.

Do we know what the issue is?

Hi @LeoTM!

Thanks for the new report! No, unfortunately, we aren’t aware what’s causing this. Can you please allow Support Access so the team can investigate? :slight_smile:

It’s been enabled for a while!

Keep me/us posted here please :+1:

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Hi @LeoTM,

Thank you for your patience.

I have escalated this to our L3 support.

This can sometimes take a bit longer but rest assured they are looking into it.

Please don’t hesitate to follow-up if you have any other questions or updates in the meantime.

Kind regards,

Once more, it looks like you have had multiple green builds since build #1996.

Can you please clarify if this behaviour is still happening for you?