Fabric / Crashlytics deployer integration is for Android

Is Fabric / Crashlytics deployer integration is for iOS only right now? I am unable to publish build on fabric using bitrise.io

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Hi @usmanafzal,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

Yes, the current available Crashlytics/Fabric step is iOS only.

Unfortunately Crashlytics/Fabric doesn’t have a public API which could be used for developing integrations, their official solution is to follow their guide and integrate Fabric/Crashlytics into your project. In case of iOS we found a “workaround”, but so far we could not for Android, without you integrating Fabric into your project.

So, for Android, you have to follow their official Gradle integration guide to integrate Fabric/Crashlytics into your Android project, and then you can use the Gradle Runner step to run the task (added by the Fabric/Crashlytics integration) which performs the deploy. Once the integration is committed into your repo, you just have to set that task as the Gradle task to run parameter of the Gradle Runner step.

If you have any questions please let us know!
Happy Building! :slight_smile:

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@viktorbenei Hi,
It seems the solution doesn’t help anymore, after the new approach(Firebase).
Or if I’m wrong, would you please explain a little bit more in detail?

Hi @Drjacky!

Sorry for our extended delay on this one. The solution should still be working, if you still trying to make it work, please find the right support channel to ask for our assistance!