European build servers


Currently, Bitrise only offers build servers in the US. In our organization we build applications for clients. Some of these clients explicitly request that the code we write for them stays in European regions, within European laws.

This is why for us it would be awesome if there were European build servers available to use.

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Thanks for creating this #feature-request @bennet! :slight_smile:

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We also have this requirement because of this we are having to look at alternative providers.



We’re sorry to hear that @redant - please click the “vote” button above to bump this task’s priority!



I work for a global consultancy that would love to use a cloud build service for regions outside the US: Europe, Asia, etc. Particularly from Asia, the transpacific latency on clone (for on-premise code) is just plain unacceptable. We’ll use anyone who has nearer locations. We’d consider MacStadium’s PoP in Ireland to be a significant improvement over needing to go to AWS US-West from Asia… (Yes, I voted, thanks!)

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Thanks for the infos @xml, EU servers are definitely on our roadmap but can’t commit to a date yet.



Hi @viktorbenei
Do you have any news about European servers ?

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Hi @Greensource,

We definitely plan to provide EU servers but we don’t have any ETA / schedule for it yet. We’ll update this thread as well as do announcement blog post when we introduce the option :slight_smile:

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@viktorbenei any updates on this please ?