ETIMEDOUT on 'yarn install' only in Android-Ubuntu Stacks

This issue is started happening today on our Android builds only ( it works perfectly on iOS builds)

I think maybe yarn have to be updated in those Stacks to support the latest version (1.16.0) that retries when having Etimedout

i forced yarn to the latest version , but i still have the same problem

Hi @mlagrouh! Sorry to hear about the issue and thanks for the report. Can you please include a build URL?

Sure @bitce, here it is:

Thanks! Is this issue persistent if you try rebuilding? I can not recreate this at all

Yes , all our builds are failing :confused:

Can you allow us Support Access ( ) so that we can take a more in-depth look?

it is done !

One thing, is that we are using a private registry to get packages from , but it is weird that they are well downloaded in Mac Stacks , and not in Android/Linux Stacks , maybe there is a firewall that prevents this

Hi @bitce, any update on this issue ? , thanks !

Hy, sorry for the late reply, can you try out this?
or try installing the packaged with npm maybe?

Hi @fehersanyi-bitrise no problems.

I want to try npm config set https-proxy but I don’t know which proxy I should use. Any idea ?

I tried to run ping proxy to get it, however ping command doesn’t seem to be installed on the docker image.


Hy, sorry for the late reply,

I’m not really at home in this topic, but you can install ping like this: apt-get install -y iputils-ping

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