Error Building a Workflow when Triggered with Webhook if the Target Branch is "main"

Description of the issue

I have a workflow and it is using bitrise.yml in the project file.
I set it up so that when changes pushed or merged to the target branch, it would trigger building the workflow. I used trigger map to achieve this. But there’s an error on the building process if the target branch is “main”.

I’ve tested and modified it and can be sure that the error occurred only when the target branch is “main”.

Here’s some snippet of the .yml file related to the issue:

format_version: '11'
project_type: react-native
- push_branch: "main"
  workflow: xxx-workflow
- pull_request_source_branch: "*"
  workflow: xxx-workflow

When the “main” is replaced by any other branch, the build would be successful.

The error shown is in the phase of “XCode Archive & Export for iOS”.
This is the error message:

Failed to process Step inputs:
failed to prepare automatic code signing:
code signing certificate URL is not specified (exit code: 1)

Anybody encountered the same issue like this?


Xcode 14.2.x, on macOS 13.2 (Ventura)
M1 Medium

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