Add support for selecting a default profile/account

Description of the feature request

Add the ability to choose the default profile/account to selected when you login to the site or navigate about. Currently, the user profile/account you signed up with is the default and it cannot be changed.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

As a owner/admin user, I would like to be able to default my organization profile/account when I login or when I navigate the site (e.g., navigating to Account settings) because that is where I spend most of my time. Switching the profile/account context every time adds extra steps / delays / confusion.

Hi @onyxmueller!

Thanks so much for the #feature-request! I completely understand your need, I’m just not sure how this would work in practice, you don’t really have multiple profiles or a separate Organization account, you have one account that is part of, or in this case even owning an Organization.

Can you perhaps detail any example of these steps you feel you need to take? In the case of reaching Account Settings, reaching your Org’s settings is one click away from your personal account’s settings, which I understand is might be one click more than ideal, but still I’d like to understand what makes this flow for you inconvenient. If you’d have any ideas how to tackle this exactly that’d be great, please let us know!