Screen Sharing glitches with macOS 11 Stack

When running a build with remote access on the macOS 11 (+Xcode beta) stack, attempting to use screen sharing results in a display glitch, essentially making it unusable. It’s always reproducible and does not depend on whether the screen is observed from Catalina or Big Sur. The Catalina stack works fine though.

Hi @tobi, :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I’m very sorry you ran into this issue.

Could you please tell me if this only happens on the beta stacks or all of them? Could you please include a screenshot of the glitch you’re experiencing?

Is it similar to the one down below? :point_down:

So far we’ve only been seeing this issue with the Big Sur stack, it was investigated for quite a while, but seemingly Apple introduced some OS changes we couldn’t circumvent. The aim is to fix this for the GM version (the stack is still in beta). Are you experiencing this with stacks other than beta stacks?

Thank you!

Hi @cskata, unfortunately I am facing the same issue and it is like the screenshot that you have mentioned.

Hi @salihg! :wave:

I am very sorry to hear that! Could you please confirm for me which stack you’re using when you see this? So far, we’ve been only seeing this issue with the Xcode 12.5.x (with Big Sur) stack which the team is already aware of. :blush:

Thank you,

Hi @cskata,

This is the same issue you’re already aware of and it looks exactly as your screenshot. We’re using the Big Sur 11.2 stack and it’s not happening with any other stack.

it would be very nice to have this fixed for the GM version. Thank you!

Yes, that is right. We are using Xcode 12.5.x (with Big Sur) too. Could you please inform us whenever the issue fixed in this flow.


Hi @salihg and @tobi, :wave:

Thank you for confirming it for me! I’ll update this thread as soon as it’s fixed. :blush:

Thanks for your patience!

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