Configuring network access for Bitrise

Depending on your company’s security policy, you may need to configure network access — as well as the type of network access — to use our data centers and the Bitrise website from behind a private network or a firewall. As our build machines and the Bitrise website all run on public IP addresses, the following post will help you navigate allowlisting to avoid running into problems.

Why allowlist now?

Historically, our website and its background workers did not run on a set of static IP addresses. This changed in order to give you the ability to integrate with your closed environments. Meaning, our website and build machines are now accessible via static IPs. The benefit?

  1. Access the repository-committed bitrise.yml
  2. Receive build status updates on commits and pull requests

Allowlist the build machines

For most Bitrise users, there’s usually no need for any network configuration. However, if your company has strict security practices in place, you might run into some trouble. Avoid this from the get-go and allowlist the following IP addresses.

Allowlist the Bitrise website

The Bitrise website and its background workers are accessible at a set of static IP addresses. Allowlisting these addresses will ensure you can still receive build status updates or that Bitrise can access the bitrise.yml file. View the list of IP addresses to allowlist for the bitrise.yml below, or in our documentation.

What actions do you need to take?

When not part of a company with strict security policies in place, most users don’t need to do anything. However, if you use self-hosted Git services and store bitrise.yml in the Git repository, allowlisting the IP addresses will optimize your workflows for easier execution.

To learn how to configure network access for Bitrise, connect via a VPN, and more, read our documentation.

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