Codesigning macOS app fails when adding Maps entitlement


Building our macOS application on Bitrise used to work fine with automatic code signing in the past. A short while ago App Store Review required us to add the “” entitlement. Since then building the project no longer works on Bitrise.

1) Manual Code Signing

When using manual code signing, we get the following error:

:x: error: Provisioning profile “FotoMagico_6_Mac_Development_Bitrise_2022” doesn’t include the currently selected device “vm-osx-xcode-13.3.x-standard-df729d99-3dbf-4964-9369-355c41c2456b” (identifier A3ABF932-E97E-4C8D-A4D0-7167DC2CDFAC). (in target ‘FotoMagico-macOS’ from project ‘FotoMagicoMac’)

The provisioning profile doesn’t include the device ID of the Bitrise VM - which it obviously can’t, because the ID is a new one for each build.

2) Automatic Code Signing

When using automatic code signing with the xcodebuild option -allowProvisioningUpdates, we run into a different error. Xcode now wants to connect to an Apple developer account to generate and download an Xcode managed provisioning profile. How can we add this an developer account to Bitrise?

Is there any other option to make building work again with a provisioning profile that contains the Maps entitlement?

Any help in fixing this problem is greatly appreciated.


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Thank you for contacting bitrise and sorry to hear about the issue,
You can connect with Apple service from Bitrise using API key(recommended) or an Apple ID.
You might also need the Manage iOS Code Signing step to do the automatic code signing as well.
Please check this documentation for further details:

If the issue persists, please open a ticket with support via
Please be sure to include the build url and enable support access (under the “Settings” tab for the app).