Clean "deploy" folder

I understand the deploy folder is common to all builds.
How can I clean the deploy?
I get the error message: "file already exists at… "
Is there a way to remove builds?

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It’s not shared between builds, the deploy folder is only created / used during the build. After the build finishes the whole environment is destroyed (see: ), no file is kept between builds.

This is more likely related to the Gradle Runner step, although without more log it’s hard to say, but it looks like this: File already exists error

If you have any questions, just let us know!

Happy Building! :slight_smile:

Ok, Thank you for the information.
I have created both include and exclude filters for apk files but it doesn’t work for me.
I want to exclude all apk files under directory “apk” and include all other apk files.
The include filter is "*.apk"
I tried various exclude filters without sucess.
How to define the exclude filter?
Here is a piece from the log (Is there a way to send log?)

find “.” “-name” ".apk" “!” “-name” "/apk/*.apk"
copy ./apk/logdog_0.5.4.20140923.apk to /bitrise/deploy/logdog_0.5.4.20140923.apk
copy ./apk/logdog_2.0.1.20160526_67/dog-client-android-release.apk to /bitrise/deploy/dog-client-android-release.apk
copy ./apk/logdog_0.5.3.20140907.apk to /bitrise/deploy/logdog_0.5.3.20140907.apk
copy ./apk/logdog_0.6.3.20141210/logdog_0.6.3.20141210.apk to /bitrise/deploy/logdog_0.6.3.20141210.apk
copy ./apk/logdog_0.5.2.20140901.apk to /bitrise/deploy/logdog_0.5.2.20140901.apk
e[33;1m 1 attempt failed:e[0m
file already exists at: /bitrise/deploy/dog-client-android-release.apk
e[33;1m Retrying…e[0m
copy ./apk/logdog_2.0.2.20160526_68/dog-client-android-release.apk to /bitrise/deploy/dog-client-android-release20170130125653.apk
copy ./apk/logdog_2.0.6.20160613_72/dog-client-release.apk to /bitrise/deploy/dog-client-release.apk
e[33;1m 1 attempt failed:e[0m

Are you sure? Based on the log you attached it seems that your include filter is “.apk” and not “*.apk”, as well as you have an exclude filter which most likely never will exclude any APK, as it’s an absolute path pattern (if the path starts with / that’s an absolute path, for relative paths you should use ./)

Somehow the leading asterik is missing, but now I understand better the problem.
I have one directory named “apk” I want to ignore.
The apk I’m interested on is located under build/output/apk
Since bitwise is using
find “.” -name "*.apk"
it is filtering only by file name pattern.
Is here a way to ignore directory or define the directory path?
Thanks, Nava.

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Sure, see File already exists error for example

Or tweak/set the Gradle Runner step’s APK file include filter input. The default value is *.apk, to copy all generated APKs into the deploy directory, but you can change this to e.g. */app-knee-generic-development-debug.apk (based on your log) to only copy the app-knee-generic-development-debug.apk to the deploy directory.

Thank you.
Finally I was able to resolve the problem by moving to Gradle Runner version 1.5.4
Another question:
Is there a way to controll the images archived at Bitwise?
I’m sure there is a limit to the memory size…

Thanks, Nava.

What do you mean by the images?

If you’re interested in the CPU and RAM of the Linux/Android machines, the current ones are 2 CPU and 7.5GB RAM, but soon we’ll have a beefier config as an option too.

Maybe I’m missing here something…
All build results are available for download.
Can I control old builds? Make the artifacts non available?

Thanks ,Nava.

Yes, once a file is deployed with Deploy to it will be available on the build’s page, but won’t be available for other builds, it’s not a shared storage.

Not yet, feel free to create a #feature-requests !

You can of course control what to deploy, simply don’t move the file into the $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR or remove it from there before the Deploy to step to not to deploy it. But once the file is deployed, it will be available on the build’s page.