Remove app deploy from "Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts"

In an Android project, this step is deploying my apk. I want to still deploy my logs and other artifacts (lint results), but not the apk files. I have another step that sends them to MS AppCenter.

Hi @coltonidle!

Can you please explain what are you trying to achieve in more detail and what is the problem? If you send us a build log as an example, thatt would be great.

I created a new android app/project in Bitrise.

By default it has a deploy step (called “Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts”). In this step it deploys/hosts my apk in some “bitrise cloud” (I don’t know what else to call it). Along with the apk, it also hosts my other build outputs (like lint.html) in this “bitrise cloud”.

I added a new step to deploy to MS App Center, after “Deploy to - Apps, Logs, Artifacts”.

Now I have an apk in two places. 1 in my MS App Center, and 1 in the bitrise cloud. I would like to remove sending my apk to bitrise cloud WHILE keeping my lint.html in the bitrise cloud.

@bitce any help here by chance? Still having this issue. Let me know if I didn’t explain the problem correctly.

Bumping this for visibility

Deploy to step deploys everything which is located in deploy dir (by default $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR) APKs are copied there by appropriate steps eg. Gradle Runner.
So you need to ensure that APK is not present in deploy dir at the time of executing deploy to step.

Depending on your workflow and dependencies between steps you may for example move deploy to AppCenter step (assuming it also uses the same mechanism) before deploy to and insert a script step removing APKs in between them.

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Darn. That sounds doable but kind of hacky and fragile. I was really hoping there was some option I was missing. I guess I can just fill out a feature request for the “Deploy to Bitrise” step and I might have some more luck there.

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