Capability to Tag and Add Notes / Comments to Builds


I notice that in Bitrise, once the build has completed, we cannot edit the “Commit Message”.

In my use case, my colleague wants to “tag”, or add a note on the build archive that’s uploaded to iTunesConnect and marked as production archive. Problem is, commit message entry is before the build started – and when build has completed and the QA’s have finished testing, it’s very possible that the build is invalid because there are still noticeable bugs or other problems (and therefore another workflow needs to be triggered).

This is also useful that in the future, we can filter based on these custom “notes” or “tags” (instead of branch).

Hope this is helpful!


Hi @dvdchr-tvlk,

If I understand it correctly, you’d like a “comments” feature on the Build pages, so that you can comment / mark things related to that specific build?

Or would you rather add these infos to the artifact directly?

@viktorbenei: Yes, sort of like comments – but it behaves much more like tags or notes since I think it will be helpful if in the future it can be used as a search / filter source :slight_smile:

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Definitely a great idea, thank you for the feature request and for the context / use case!

P.S.: I changed the title a bit, to make it a bit more obvious for others / to help you with collecting votes :wink:

No problem, thanks!

Hope this helps.

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I’d love to have this so that I can communicate to the team what I have discovered about the failed build. I’d also like a way to assign the failed build to someone on the team for analysis.

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Has this been looked at yet?
Agreed with brianbatchelder, need a way to show an investigation has occurred and that the failed build is not of concern.

Hi @ReggiePret!

We’ll make sure to update this thread if there’s any notable progress on this, please make sure to vote for this request! And thanks for the bump :slight_smile: