Download bitrise.yml from external resources

Is there any way to download bitrise.yml file from external resources?


Sure! You can follow the same steps as if the bitrise.yml would be in your repo (, except add one more step where you download it from any source you want to, right before you’d run it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer. But my problem is, i want to download last bitrise.yml via API not manually from web.

For example: If i am logged in i can download bitrise.yml with this URL. Is there any way to download bitrise.yml via API call. Or is it located in the machine that we run workflows.{APP_SLUG}/config.yml?is_download=1


Ahh, sorry, I thought you want to download it during the build.

For the API: the new API does not have that endpoint yet, but definitely will soon. For this please vote & comment here: Backup workflow via Bitrise API we’ll announce it there when this is available.

There’s still an older API endpoint where you can get the yml, but that’s pretty much deprecated by now and we’ll remove that once the new API endpoint is ready. If you’d need that before the new endpoint is ready, you can find the related guide & docs at:

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