Cache pull failed because stack has changed

Hi, I have a iOS project which runs a Cache: Pull after checking out the code and a Cache: Push at the end of the workflow. I have three different workflows (for PR, deploy, etc. not sure this matters).

Each time a the Cache: Pull is run I get the following output:

| (2) cache-pull                                                               |
| id: cache-pull                                                               |
| version: 2.1.3                                                               |
| collection:                |
| toolkit: go                                                                  |
| time: 2019-12-10T19:27:57Z                                                   |

- DebugMode: false
- StackID: osx-xcode-11.1.x
Downloading remote cache archive
Checking archive and current stacks
current stack id: osx-xcode-11.1.x
archive stack id: 
Cache was created on stack: , current stack: osx-xcode-11.1.x
Skipping cache pull, because of the stack has changed

The stack is the same for each workflow and has not been changed for a while. Could someone tell me what do I have to do so that the cache is correctly pulled?

Hi there! :wave: It looks like the cache-push step failed to record the stack that the archive was created on. In this case I would just recommend regenerating your cache, after which this shouldn’t be an issue. If you could also send us the build URL for the last build where your cache-pull was successful, it would help us troubleshoot the cache generation error. Thanks! :smile:

Hi, thanks for the answer. In one of the next builds it starting working again.

Hi, I am facing the same problem and it does not produce a StackID even when I try to regenerate a cache using cache-push. The build URL is here:
I suspect that it happens when the cache is too big.

Hi @seita-uc! Could you please enable support user access for your app so I can try to get some info on how to reproduce this? Thanks!

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